Hello! My name is Leah Rae Kmosko. I’m 15 and not quite a half years old, blonde, and very opinionated!

I was born on the planet Neptune, which accounts for a lot of my strangeness. (Well, not really. I was born in Neptune, New Jersey, but saying your from the planet Neptune sounds a lot cooler in an introduction.) At the age of eleven I moved from the house I lived in for my entire life and into a 29 ft. travel trailer, which accounts for some more of my strangeness. My 3 siblings, two parents, and I traveled the country for about two years, and it was the adventure of a lifetime! Oh, did I mention I’m homeschooled? (Yes, yes that does account for the REST of my strangeness.)

Now we’ve pretty much settled in the small “country-fied” town of Maiden, North Carolina which has given me some time to complete my first novel (the story of my childhood) and start on my second (the story of our cross-country trip.) Of course, we don’t intend to stay here, well, at least I don’t. I want to be rich and famous and have houses in San Fransisco and New York and Beverly Hills and…*sigh* All in good time I suppose, all in good time…

And so finally, I have started this blog because I have been told by just about everyone I meet that I’m an out-going loud mouth that needs to learn how to keep her opinion to herself, but I took that more as a, “Hey! Leah! Stop spouting out your opinions to someone who could care less and go start a blog so people that agree or disagree can read it and comment on it and you can finally have that discussion you’re hoping for!”

So here I am. Bursting with opinions on every topic imaginable and ready to share them with the world. The question is…is the world ready for me?